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Smashing our City League Workouts with BLK BOX

Powering our team across the UK for the City League challenge, our equipment partner BLK BOX delivered on both style and substance when it came to our kit.

Our accessible team workouts are the perfect challenge for all abilities. Using simple movements and minimal kit, we wanted to bring communication and teamwork back to the fore after months of solo fitness.

Still socially distanced, our teams took on two 9-minute workouts with a 5-minute rest in between.

First up, the humble bumper plate. Enter BLK BOX HD bumpers. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, the HD plates offer a dead bounce and durability.

Simple, affordable, space-saving and effective, bumper plates are our go-to for pain hard graft at home and in the gym.

Our teams took on:

  • Plate squats

  • Plate ground to overhead

  • Burpees onto the plate

  • Plate shoulder to overhead

  • Plate lunges

There are endless ways to end yourself with just one bumper plate.

What's your go-to plate movement away from the barbell?

Next up, the kettlebell.

A BLK BOX bestseller, we took the BLK BOX Urethane Kettlebells across the UK and into the hands of Battle Cancer athletes in multiple gyms.

It features a standard size for all weights, as well as the same handle thickness and shape.

Naturally brushed chrome steel handles provide superior grip and are scratch and rust-resistant.

PLUS at the time of writing, the Urethane Kettlebells are on sale at Go get one!

Our athletes worked through:

  • Synchro kettlebell swings

  • Synchro sit-ups

  • Synchro burpees over the kettlebell

A huge thank you to BLK BOX for supporting us with their world class kit. We can't wait to bring the challenge to Northern Ireland! Watch this space.

Read more about how we got on during our first week of the challenge in London here.

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