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Prep for Battle like Mat Fraser

Battle Cancer is teaming up with Mat Fraser to provide Battle Prep programming through HWPO Training.

When it comes to the sport of CrossFit, nobody has dominated the men’s side of the sport more than Mat Fraser; winning 5 straight titles he has left a legacy that will be incredibly tough to top.

Since retirement Mat has started to provide coaching to both professional athletes as well as people who are simply looking to increase their overall fitness levels; providing solutions that can fit within anybody’s schedule no matter how busy.

It is with absolute delight then that we are proud to announce that Mat and HWPO Training are partnering up with Battle Cancer to help provide our Battle Prep programming and so much more that we can’t wait to tell you.

Stay tuned to our blog or follow us over on Instagram @battle.cancer for more exciting updates involving Mat and the HWPO team. Be sure to also follow Mat on @mathewfras and Scott on @scottbrits to ensure you are in the loop for everything HWPO Training and Battle Cancer.

See you on the competition floor.

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