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How a Battle Cancer Team Fundraised over AED 27,100 for The Al Jalila Foundation

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Looking for fundraising tips?

Team Beauties & The Beef from Base 3, Dubai, ran with our Fundraising AMRAP challenge and raised more than AED 27,100 (more than £6,000) for The Al Jalila Foundation at Battle Cancer Dubai.

Their incredible efforts saw them score the highest Fundraising score of the whole event and top the leaderboard for the Fundraising AMRAP to supercharge their overall score.

Harnessing the power of their real-life communities, social media networks, and creating a clever hair-shaving hook, team Beauties & The Beef beat every other team to the top fundraiser place.

Discover how they did it with team captain, Kat's, top fundraising tips in Dubai. Read on below!

"It was a team effort and each of us focused on different ways of raising funds. These were the tactics we used but the key was we did it constantly and consistently, and we started early, as soon as we got the Fundraising Pack."

Fundraising tip 1: Land a Company Sponsor

We approached a company for sponsorship of our team t-shirts and added their brand logo to them. They also generously donated large sums from each of their departments as fighting cancer is a cause close to their hearts. We then competed wearing our shirts as a thank you to the company for sponsorship.

Fundraising tip 2: Update, update, update

Took team photos and provided continuous updates on the YallaGive platform where the transactions were processed.

We then sent those photos and updates to all our personal and business social media platforms, and kept sending reminders in our social media stories with updates of how much we raised.

"Not just one post and then forgotten about, not left until the last minute. We all cheered each other on with each donation and posted the total to each other regularly so we could see the progress and spur each other on. It was wild seeing the comments from those who donated too, and that got us going. None of us are competitive ;)"

Fundraising tip 3: Smile and Dial :)

We called everyone we knew and personally asked for donations. We canvassed our workmates and sent WhatsApp messages to community groups we are part of here in Dubai.

Fundraising tip 4: Find a Hook

We ran a promotion with one of our businesses - for every product sold, 50AED went to the cause.

We also made a pledge that if we reached a certain target one of us would shave off our hair and sent that out to all our socials/contacts. (We didn’t make the target but it was a good hook!)

Fundraising tip 5: Don't Forget about International Donations

When we ran into problems with international donations we made sure YallaGive were able to provide payment links so we didn’t miss donations.

"We also knew we would highly unlikely be at the top of the table for the workouts, but wanted so desperately to win the donation challenge. For all the right reasons."

Battle Cancer Dubai 2023 is coming soon

Don't miss Battle Cancer Dubai 2023 at Dubai Harbour on 18 March 2023. Register now!

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