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UK City League Week 1: London

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Unable to deliver our largest events with everyone together this year, we are coming to you instead. 

We will be taking over gyms in London, The Lake District, Barnsley, York, Dundee, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, Colchester, Southampton and Exeter with one challenge for a country-wide Battle Cancer UK City League.

You can even take part remotely from your own gym!

Week 1 saw us take over six gyms in London, including our headline partners, WIT.

The first day of the first legs in the books was with a brilliant day at CrossFit Putney. We had teams taking on the challenge all afternoon and evening with lots of laughs, lots of friendly competition and money being raised!

All COVID measures are of course being taken, hence why we have limited slots for the challenges, no judges, social distancing organised and obviously thorough cleaning between workouts.

Day two took us to CrossFit BFG and our good friend and fittest in the UK, Zack George. They did not disappoint - they absolutely smashed it! Teams were so close with their scores it was insane. We had proper belly laughs and even tears from the word go.

Blitz was day three's host as we took over their entire gym and turned it into some kind of Battle Cancer UK City League grotto before athletes of all ages came to put their burpee stamina to the test.


Their community was so friendly, they made immense efforts with a homemade Battle Cancer cake, they laughed all the way through, wore their Battle Cancer t-shirts with pride and did some serious fundraising!⁣. We can’t thank you guys enough and hope to be back asap!

Day four took us to our partners and great friends WIT and what a night we had!

We danced.⁣ We sweated.⁣ We laughed.⁣ We remembered those we’ve lost. And most importantly celebrated them.⁣ Raising over £3000 in just one day, these athletes blew us away with their generosity, heart and hard work.

So many also bought one of the WIT X Battle Cancer tees, repping our shield. You can do the same either in-store or online, with a % going straight to our Move Forward Program helping cancer patients and survivors through a 6-month fitness program to get them back to health and into the community.⁣

Day five of our City League Challenge gave us dancing, donuts and donations. Huge thanks to the wolfpack at CrossFit Watford for hosting us, your community is incredible and we felt as if we were back at a real Battle Cancer comp. Zakk Wild brought the tunes, we brought the challenge, YOU brought the heart, generosity and family.

Day six it was Saturday morning and we surprised their athletes and took over the class times at Royal Docks Fitness and they had SO MUCH fun!⁣ They were such good sports, we had such a laugh and it was amazing to keep spreading our movement across the capital.


With £8,000 pounds already raised, it was the reminder we needed that the fitness community wants to be working out together, competing and fundraising, just like we do.

Stay tuned to see where we’re off to for the next two weeks. Hey UK, let’s Battle Cancer!

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