Your next fitness fundraising challenge.

Enlist your team, set yourself a goal and take part in an epic day. Battle Cancer competitions present a unique team-based experience for people looking to make a difference and kick cancer to the dust.

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20 AUGUST 2022

Sports Marcel Cerdan Complex
129 Av. de la Maladrerie

78300 Poissy



Everyone can do it. We program five pumping workouts made up of creative movements using simple equipment. Think sports day. But for adults.

Weight standards for men/women:

Bumper plate - 20kg/10kg

Dumbbell - 20kg/12.5kg

Kettlebell - 20kg/12kg​

Workouts may also include bodyweight, CV machines such as rowers, ski ergs, and bikes, as well as other equipment but will not exceed the weights above.

Heavier kit such as sandbags may be used but workouts will allow athletes to work together to lift them.




Mens Team

Four men aged 13+


Womens Team

Four women aged 13+


Mixed Team

Any combination of genders



No team? No problem! Sign up as an individual and team up on the day.

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AMRAP: As Much Raised As Possible

Your first workout isn't to do with any fitness. It doesn't even take place on competition day. It starts as soon as you sign up!

You and your team will fundraise your hardest to earn a place on the leaderboard ahead of the four workouts on event day. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up your team and choose a cancer charity to support

  2. Receive your fundraising pack with ideas of how to fundraise and donate directly to your charity

  3. Screenshot your fundraising total and submit your figure at registration on event day

  4. Get ranked on the Battle Cancer leaderboard! The more you raise, the higher you'll place



We need you!

Battle Cancer competitions would not happen without our incredible team of volunteers and judges. Get involved on the day and donate your time to helping us run the event while earning a free Battle Cancer t-shirt, food and drink and goodies from our partners. Sound good?

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