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World Record Swings for Battle Cancer

Battle Cancer Athlete and Guinness World Record holder, Claudia, is honouring her father’s battle with lung cancer by leading 11 teams from her box, CrossFit Chiltern, to Battle Cancer London this month.

Today marks the first anniversary of Claudia’s father’s death on 14th October 2018. Last December, she channelled her grief into raising money for Cancer Research UK and broke a World Record for the most weight lifted in a kettlebell swing in an hour, raising over £7k in the process.

This year she’s back and she’s going one better… along with a team of 11 others, she is going to beat the current 12-hour kettlebell swing world record.

Before the team’s record-breaking attempt coming up on December 7th, Claudia and 11 teams from CrossFit Chiltern are travelling to London to take part in the final Battle Cancer event of 2019 in memory of her father, Jack Hobbs.

“Here are a couple of pics from our training and one of me and my amazing, brave dad. He died of lung cancer having never smoked one cigarette in his life and he was a healthy (apart from the cancer!) 70 years old. So, so important to fund research as none of us is exempt from it even if we live healthy lives."

We are honoured to have Claudia and her teams compete in London and can’t wait to see them on the floor. Huge luck to CrossFit Chiltern!

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