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New for 2020! Battle Cancer Fundraising AMRAP

Here at Battle Cancer, one of our three key missions is fundraising through fitness. Our Battle Cancer athletes do an outstanding job of fundraising for causes close to their hearts and we want this to be recognised on the leaderboard.

We’re incredibly excited to be launching a brand new workout for every one of our events - something that has never been done before!

The first workout of every Battle Cancer event will now be an AMRAP - As Much Raised As Possible - and it takes place before competition day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Teams of four sign up to a Battle Cancer event and choose a cancer charity to support.

  • We send you a fundraising pack with ideas of how to fundraise and donate directly to your charity.

  • Teams screenshot their fundraising totals and submit them to us at registration on the day.

  • Our scoring team inputs fundraising scores so that teams are already ranked on the leaderboard on competition morning. Highest reps (most raised) wins!

Teams can continue to fundraise beyond competition day, but it is their progress at the time of submitting at registration that will be entered on to the leaderboard.

Battle Cancer athletes have already raised over £600,000 for 40+ cancer charities worldwide. This new AMRAP workout aims to inspire Battle Cancer teams to raise even more money for causes in the fight against cancer.

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