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WIT Fitness: Gus' Monsta Workout Challenge!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Here at Battle Cancer, we LOVE it when WIT's Head of Training, Gus, tags in as a Battle Cancer coach for our class takeovers and activations.

Bringing his own Brazilian flavour of energy to our workouts, he's programmed a very special WOD for our Battle Cancer community. Read on, learn more about Gus' passion for fitness and wellness, try your hand at his challenge and enjoy!

A message from Gus

"The main reason why I love fitness and absolutely love what I do, is because I believe that Fitness has the power to change people's lives. And it doesn't really matter which language you speak, your religion, or race, fitness will always connect people, and make us feel alive.

And what amazes me the most about Battle Cancer, is to how committed they are to use the power of fitness to celebrate life and help people around the world, most importantly, help people when they are the most vulnerable.

Cancer is a very serious subject that changes people's lives, not just for the ones who are treating it, but also their families and friends. There are many ways to help and approach this subject, and Battle Cancer is making sure that they are covering as many ways as possible.

It is an absolute honour for me to get involved and help Battle Cancer in this amazing project. And I am super excited to announce that I will be dropping some workouts, fitness tips and challenges, and also sharing some experiences, which I hope will help you guys to get through challenges that life might throw at you on the way."

Gus' Battle Cancer Monsta Workout:

"We don't need to be an athlete in order to learn how to make the best of ourselves when facing a fitness challenge. And that skill can also carry on for life.

Everything you do, do it to your absolute best!!

Here is a challenge for you guys to build not just your physical but also your mental toughness:

Death By Thrusters & Burpees

Min 1: 5 Plate Thrusters + 3 Burpee to plate

Min 2: 5 PT + 4 Burpee to plate

  • Keep 5 Thrusters and add 1 rep to burpee to plate every round.

  • You can use any weight you want to.

  • How many minutes can you hold on for?

Save it and tag a friend you think would love to take this challenge!!

Good luck and enjoy it!!

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