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Battle Cancer x NOCCO Challenge - How Long Can YOU Hold?

An absolute must-have for our team while on the road across the USA, NOCCO kept us awake, fuelled our workouts, and offered a cold non-caffeinated drink at the end of a long day.

We were lucky enough to have NOCCO reps drop into loads of gyms and boxes with us as we made our way from Miami to Texas to San Diego and LA. Aside from enjoying an ice-cold can, discovering different flavours and meeting the NOCCO team, one thing that had each class on the floor laughing was the signature Battle Cancer x NOCCO hold challenge.

How long can you hold? Grab a partner and a NOCCO can, squat back to back and hold for as long as physically possible while taking a selfie. Our reigning champions are a pair from Stay Classy in San Diego with an impressive 6 minutes!

Check out NOCCO's whole range and where to buy your cans at

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