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Battle Cancer Partners with the CrossFit Italian Showdown

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Europe’s largest Crossfit-sanctioned event, the CrossFit Italian Showdown.

Welcoming over 1,500 athletes, the CrossFit Italian Showdown shares our ethos for an inclusive, accessible competition that embraces people of all ages and abilities.

With no online qualifications, the competition sees a whole range of competitors throw down side by side in the same open category. Bringing together beginners for their very first competition experience, intermediate competitors and elite athletes, the Italian Showdown has become a fitness community festival for functional fitness and CrossFit enthusiasts across the world to celebrate health and wellbeing.

The Italian Showdown’s event director, Carlo Strati told us:

“In our continuous effort to promote wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle through fitness, we have found a natural partner in the Battle Cancer. The entire organisation of the Italian Showdown is super-excited to join forces with the world's leading functional fitness fundraising event series to organise the Italian edition of the event.”

Aiming to bring Battle Cancer to Italy in 2021, we will be joining forces with Carlo and the Italian Showdown to continue our event series and raise awareness and funds for Italian cancer charities.

Stay tuned for details of Battle Cancer activations in Italy and event date coming soon!

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