• Battle Cancer

24 Hour Marathon Row Germany

“I’m sorry, but you have cancer.”

This diagnosis changes everything. It scares, paralyzes and shows one’s own powerlessness. Sadly, these words are very real for 500,000 people in Germany around affected by a diagnosis every year.

Our friends in Berlin, Harry and Ivan, accept the challenge of competing in a 42.195 km rowing marathon.

Together, they want to increase awareness of the importance of fitness for physical and mental wellbeing and to aid financial resources for the fight against cancer. It’s not about celebrating successes as the best team, rather about the mission to encourage those affected and to show them in their darkest moments – you are not alone!

We couldn't agree more.

Harry and Ivan will be completing their momentous challenge on 20th December 2020, joined by teams in gyms across Germany and beyond, and we wish them every success!

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Below, Harry and Ivan share their stories...