• Battle Cancer

UK City League Week 2: Scotland & The North

The start of our second week off has gone off with a bang with 3 brilliant classes at Forest Flow Fitness.

We had teams taking it on all evening; the coaches jumped in, newbies to the gym joined the fun and it was great to see so many Battle Cancer patches placed proudly on laces. Lots of laughs, lots of Cotton Eyed Joe, lots of friendly competition and money being raised!

All COVID measures are of course being taken, hence why we have limited slots for the challenges, no judges, social distancing organised and obviously thorough cleaning between workouts!

Next, we hit the lakes in style and landed at District L Fitness. We took over their evening classes and danced around to Usher while they put in a mega shift during the challenge. We just love the smiles and laughs while you’re all sweating for the person you’re thinking about.

We always ask in the classes who has been affected by cancer and 9/10, if not all put their hand up.⁣ This is not 1/2. This is why we’re on the road!

WHAT A SQUAD at CrossFit Barnsley! We had world record holder @joshgreenfield_ taking on the mammoth number of burpees alongside the ridiculous @kelbaker5, @rutastrong & ⁣

@alexandra_demetriou_ It was SO FUN to watch them smash our workouts!! Lots of laughs, lots of WIT x Battle Cancer t-shirts, lots of friendly competition and money being raised.

On day 11 we were in the gorgeous York to challenge the mighty Vikings at CrossFit Jorvik.

What a bunch they have there! All threw themselves into it and their gym has raised SO MUCH money! We couldn’t believe the efforts - hundreds of cupcakes were made for donations, plus teams from CrossFit Scarborough made the trip over to get involved in the challenge.