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Hyperice Normatec Technology: Originally Developed for Cancer Patients

We are incredibly proud to be partnered with Hyperice, recovery and movement enhancement technology. Hyperice has been integral to supporting our cause in recent months and has already gifted tens of thousands of pounds worth of kit to cancer patients and survivors in our Battle Cancer community.

Did you know that its Normatec technology was originally developed to help those undergoing treatment for cancer? Today we are super excited to dive a little deeper into the history of Normatec and their dynamic compression technology.

Normatec 'generations' through the years

Normatec is a Hyperice technology, relied on for recovery and performance by athletes of all levels around the globe, was originally developed by a doctor to help cancer patients.

Dr. Laura Jacobs was a physician treating post-mastectomy patients, who also held a doctorate in engineering. Many of her patients were dealing with lymphedema caused by removal or damage to their lymph nodes as a part of their cancer treatment.

Dr. Laura Jacobs and her son, G, with Normatec at an early tradeshow

After finding no satisfactory non-invasive treatment options for this debilitating swelling, she started experimenting with compression therapy. Her determination led her to quit her job so that she could devote herself fully to this cause. After much experimentation, she developed a pattern of compression massage that replicates the natural muscle pumps of the body, the one-way valves of the venous system, and peristalsis (cyclical waves of compression), and that efficiently mobilized fluid and sped recovery. 

The pneumatic compression system that she created was incredibly effective and provided improved mobility and profound healing results for her patients. Sadly, in 2012, Dr. Jacobs passed away after her own battle with cancer. The legacy that she created was taken over by her son Gilad Jacobs, often affectionately referred to as “G.”

An early Normatec prototype

Today, Normatec’s patented dynamic compression technology is still used to treat lymphedema, venous insufficiency, non-healing wounds, and other circulatory conditions.

Additionally, because the technology that Dr. Jacobs pioneered for her patients is so effective at increasing circulation, Gilad (Chief Innovation Officer of Hyperice) recognised that it would also be beneficial to athletes. He worked closely with professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and IRONMAN triathlon community to pioneer the development of Normatec’s sports device to help athletes recover faster, improve their training, and maximize their performance.

So, the next time you are enjoying a gratifying Normatec recovery massage, take a moment to reflect on how the technology originated, and all of the cancer patients who have also benefited from Dr. Jacobs breakthrough work.  

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