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We Are The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce an official partnership with CrossFit®, and a re-brand from Battle Cancer to The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge.

CrossFit is licensing each of our Battle Cancer events due to kick off from July this summer.

Announcing the partnership, our founder, Scott said:

"We are so proud to be officially licensed by CrossFit. Battle Cancer was born of the community I found in CrossFit and we've been embraced by its followers wherever we go.

To be partnering our fundraising challenge with CrossFit allows our mission to be amplified beyond what I could have ever imagined. Over 1.2 million people in the US alone this year will be diagnosed with Cancer. By supporting our fundraising events CrossFit is sending a message that every box, coach, and athlete stands with them.

Together we will Battle Cancer."

What does this mean for the events?

The premise will stay exactly the same :) Fun and accessible fitness fundraising events.

The Battle Cancer CrossFit challenge is a team challenge that uses accessible CrossFit workouts as a vehicle to raise money for cancer charities across the world.

Staying true to Battle Cancer’s accessible workouts and CrossFit’s methodology, teams will take on four 9-minute CrossFit workouts incorporating teamwork, high-intensity cardio, FUN-ctional fitness, and accessible weights.

Together, we will battle cancer

Testing heart, grit and teamwork as well as strength and fitness, teams choose any cancer charity to support and their fundraising totals are scored on the leaderboard alongside workouts.

Since 2017, Battle Cancer athletes have collectively raised over £1.1million for more than 36 charities across the world.

The Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge series kicks off with Battle Cancer Belfast on 31 July 2021, followed by events in Manchester, Toulouse, Berlin, and London coming later in the summer and into the autumn.

See you there!

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