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NEW! WIT x Battle Cancer Apparel

All new WIT x Battle Cancer apparel has just landed featuring some of our very own Battle Cancer athletes from CrossFit Watford!

Last October, members of CrossFit Watford Henry and Leesa Hale teamed up with friends Sylwia and Emma to take on our Battle Cancer City League. They were the lucky winners of a WIT experience day to become the faces of our newest Battle Cancer apparel range.

Henry shared with us what training means to him and his wife, Leesa, and how he got involved with Battle Cancer:

"We both have a family history of cancer along with a number of friends and colleagues and over the years have done many different events/fundraisers for different cancer charities. Be that CrossFit events, charity runs, cycle rides etc.

We have taken part in a number of Battle Cancer events over the years, the last one being at Crossfit Watford before the winter lockdown. We had a fantastic time and raised over £600 for Children with Cancer UK.

For both Leesa and I, our time training is an hour away from work, be that looking after the children and/or looking after the business and employees. An hour to forget about any other stresses and challenges of the day, clear the mind. This is definitely a morale booster when things go well and a bit of a humbling experience when they don’t. Physically the benefits are clear and we can both confidently say that at 40 we are fitter and stronger than we have ever been. Mentally also stronger, we’ve both pushed ourselves further than we thought possible and truly believe we can keep pushing beyond any limits we may previously have set ourselves."

A huge thank you to Henry, Leesa, Emma and Sylwia for their involvement with Battle Cancer and fundraising for Children with Cancer, we loved meeting you at CrossFit Watford and were so happy to have you be the faces for our brand now drop with WIT!

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