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Need some fundraiser inspo? Fleet Fitness raises £3,500

We just received the most incredible donation to our Battle Cancer Program from the community at Fleet Fitness.

Spearheaded by founder, Harriet, Fleet Fitness was inspired by our UK City League to get creative with workouts for a good cause and raised an enormous £3527.59!

Harriet shares their fundraising experience...

Hi! I'm Harriet, Founder of Fleet Fitness.

We are a small functional fitness facility based in rural Buckinghamshire, focussing on group classes and Personal Training. We launched in January 2020 and, as for all in the fitness industry, it has been a turbulent time!

I have been following Battle Cancer's journey since it's inception and have trained in the past with some of your committed volunteers from our local area.

We were really fortunate to be able to hold a fundraiser for the Battle Cancer Program in October 2020. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate a summer of being open again after the initial lockdown, and a lovely send-off for the community before the second lockdown in November.

Much like the Battle Cancer UK City League held at the same time, we designed our own evening of WODs. We set a target to raise £500 but our 'As Much Raised As Possible' WOD saw some members raising over £500 towards their own scores! In total, we were really pleased to be able to donate £3527.59 to the cause.

Health is wealth. The opportunity to experience a long and healthy life is something everyone should be actively encouraged and supported to pursue.

The benefits on both physical and mental health are too long to list in one caption; the pursuit of fitness is not merely for the reduced risk of disease, but for one's mental strength and resilience too. The benefits are glaringly obvious to facilities like ours and movements like Battle Cancer.

I believe we exist to shout it from the rooftops; we are in a position of responsibility to provide a safe environment for anyone to access fitness.

If you're thinking of organising a fundraiser, just go for it! No donation is too small and, for us, it was such a great way to come together as a community.


A huge thank you to Harriet and everyone at Fleet Fitness for such an incredible show of passion, community and hard work :)

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