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Celebrating a full year with Luxley

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Last October we met the lovely ladies at Luxley Communications who graciously took us on as a client to help us grow our reach.

“Luxley are inspiration chasers. We work hard to seek out those who we admire and respect, those we truly believe in so we can work with them to help their voices, missions and messages reach far and wide."

- Katie, Luxley CEO

From helping us to promote our largest ever event, Battle Cancer London 2019 to launching our "You Are Not Alone" fundraising video in May and the opening of the Move Forward Gym in Devon, Luxley has been by our side throughout a turbulent year.

We exist for people like Scott and Freya and the remarkable work they do with Battle Cancer and Move Forward Gym, the impact they make is truly inspirational. They are game changers, transforming people’s lives, giving hope and happiness to people all over the world in the most meaningful way. To be able to support them, to help raise their profile and that of Battle Cancer and Move Forward Gym means so much to us."

- Katie, Luxley CEO

We've taken a look back at the coverage we received with the help of the wonderful team at Luxley! From titles such as Joe, Men's Health and Esquire, to Coach Magazine, Get Sweat Go, Balance podcast and more, we've had the privilege of being featured in local, national and international publications thanks to Luxley.

We enlisted Hollywood stars including Chris Hemsworth, musicians, directors, footballers, CrossFit athletes and TV stars to help fundraise for our Move Forward Program

From Get Sweat Go's Battle Cancer-inspired workout and feature on Battle Cancer London 2019

We go through a number of CrossFit workouts and our founder, Scott, gives Coach Magazine tips on Powerlifting form

Hip And Healthy report on Battle Cancer ahead of our London event last year


Check out Luxley, experts in PR, Profile Management, Partnerships, Marketing and Events

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