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Battle Cancer Partners with CF Invictus for 2020

Since our inception in 2017, Battle Cancer has raised over $300,000 for cancer charities worldwide, with six events across the US, Ireland, UK, Germany and Spain in 2019 alone.

Our Los Angeles box tour earlier this year raised an estimated $8,000 through takeovers at eight boxes including Vault Athletics, Divergent CrossFit and CrossFit Santa Monica.

Those funds went straight to the American Cancer Society, and because we raised so much, we’ve decided to bring the competition to even more locations. And we’re bringing friends: CrossFit Invictus.

Set to be held at Invictus’s downtown San Diego box on June 20, a second competition will follow a week later at Invictus Boston on June 27.

Battle Cancer and Invictus will use their partnership to raise awareness and funds for cancer charities across the United States to help foster their shared commitment to giving back to community.

Invictus’ Head Coach CJ Martin, along with Invictus Coach Tino Marini and athletes Lauren Fisher, Sam Dancer, Josh Bridges and more, all hope to make an appearance.

Battle Cancer Founder, Scott Britton said: “To be partnered with a CrossFit institution like Invictus is a dream come true for everyone at Battle Cancer. With the support of CJ Martin, Momma Invictus, an army of inspirational athletes and the whole incredible family behind Invictus’ community, we’re beyond excited to bring Battle Cancer to two new US cities in 2020. Let’s see what happens when Battle Cancer and the Sea of Green work together!”

CJ Martin commented: “Honored to be part of this great organization! Thank you for the opportunity!”

Let’s see if that sea of green can help Battle Cancer raise even more in 2020.

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