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108 Sun Salutations for Battle Cancer

Last month, our incredible yoga community joined together to raise almost £2500 for Battle Cancer Move Forward with 108 sun salutations marking midsummer.

Led by our wellness Ambassador, yogi Doug Robson and six yoga teachers across the world, 38 people practised 108 sun salutations to mark the summer solstice - 24th June.

"At summer and winter Solstice, we mark the change of seasons and the effect the sun has on us", says Doug.

108 is a meaningful number across Hindu and Buddhist cultures and is intrinsically linked with the sun, earth and moon he explains.

"In yoga, we celebrate this with 108 sun salutations. There are 108 deities in the Hindu culture, and prayer beads have 108 beads to count. Interestingly enough, 108 is the average distance between the sun and earth divided by the sun's diameter. It’s also the ratio between the moon and earth's distance and the diameter of the moon."

108 also has a practical application - it’s just a good amount of numbers to practice something so the message or movement can be absorbed. In yoga, we are trying to link body, mind and spirit so here we have 108 chances to do exactly that. 

Sun Salutation is divided from Surya Namaskar, an offering to the sun. So this is our offering to the light of the universe. Whatever that may be to you. 

Each of Doug's yogis donated their time and money to the cause - 108 sun salutations takes roughly 1.5 hours. Sound like something you would like to do? Doug is already planning his winter solstice fundraiser and is aiming for 108 participants!

Follow Doug on Instagram @thedownwarddoug

Watch out for his next live Instagram session with Battle Cancer - a guided recovery session using a foam roller. We'll be using Hyperice's vibrating roller which is a real game-changer!

A HUGE thank you to Doug and everyone that donated and took part.

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