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We're launching Battle Cancer Together, a global initiative that will create a network of educated health professionals to serve those during or post-cancer treatment.


The Battle Cancer Together Program is a global initiative to create a network of educated health professionals to serve those during or post-cancer treatment.

Drawing on the expertise of industry professionals such as CLIC Sargent social worker and founder of Move Forward, Simon Darby, we aim to bring young people affected by cancer into functional fitness while upskilling local fitness communities in mental health and post-cancer exercise.

Based on the work of the Movember Foundations’s mental health toolkit and research from CLIC Sargent’s Move Forward initiative, the Battle Cancer Together Program focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of those affected by cancer, be it cancer survivors themselves, or those impacted by cancer affecting a loved one. 

A three-phase program, it delivers: 

  • A one-day session delivering a mental health toolkit for local fitness communities

  • A 10-week program of specialised coaching serving those affected by cancer

  • The training of one individual from the 10-week program to gain a fitness qualification and continue coaching, leading and developing the class for the following 12 months


"You use all your energy up getting through treatment and then everyone thinks life goes back to normal but it doesn't, doing this proves that I need control if I want to get my life back."

Move Forward Young Person



Kicking off with a one-day session at a partner gym in a Battle Cancer city, the first step of the program is to unite a local collective of coaches, PTs, fitness professionals, and industry influencers. Battle Cancer will deliver a mental health toolkit as researched and promoted by the Movember Foundation, a free resource for fitness professionals to learn how to support those experiencing mental health issues, and how to effectively communicate and signpost those individuals to seek more help.

A 10-week program will follow in that gym, opening its doors to those affected by cancer for two specialised classes per week. At the end of the 10 weeks, one individual will be chosen to undergo a fitness qualification and continue to lead, coach and develop the class for the following 12 months. Battle Cancer will continue to mentor the coach and facilitate the growth of the classes in that city.



For the 1-day sessions linked to Battle Cancer competitions, local coaches, gym owners and personal trainers along with those who work within the fitness industry will be invited to attend for free.

Athletes, fitness influencers and those working within fitness-focused commercial brands will also be invited to help spread the message through personal interactions, social media marketing and their brands' CSR actions taken throughout the year.

Anyone who has been affected by cancer is welcome to join the 10-week program that follows.

Are you a gym that is interested in starting a Battle Cancer Together program? Get in touch.



Fitness professionals hold a unique position in the lives of their members and clients. At the centre of their community, a coach or PT can often spot changes in the wellbeing of a member as well as offer support in the form of a conversation without being too close. We recognise that coaches and PTs have the opportunity not only to spot signs in members and offer a level of mental health support but to signpost clients and customers to receive help and support from charities and initiatives. 

The number of people currently undergoing cancer treatment or post-treatment is at an all-time high and they often have no additional support after medical treatment. As more young people survive cancer treatment there is a greater need to support this cohort of cancer survivors - particularly for advice and guidance on fitness post-treatment. 

With an army of fitness professionals ready to offer a hand to rebuild that person physically and mentally, this can have an unmeasurable impact on the millions of people affected by cancer worldwide.


"I feel less isolated in a way, knowing there are others the same age going through the same struggles"

Move Forward Young Person